Top Gaming Features and Capabilities of the HTC Titan

 The modern smart phone is used in many more ways nowadays than ever before. One of the top businesses in mobile segment is gaming due to which various mobile phone producers are competing to manufacture the most suitable and compatible phones. The HTC Titan is a brand new smart phone with many great features and capabilities that include mobile gaming.

Display is quite important in gaming, for which the HTC Titan instrument is having a screen of 4.7 inches. It becomes quite useful in playing games and it is important to safeguard this costly phone by means of HTC Titan screen protector. The screen functions on WVGA technology thereby having a brilliant capacity to display 16.7 million colors. The screen happens to be one of the largest displays installed on a phone and used for applications such as gaming. The large screen in gaming provides a discreet and sharp images to the user. This screen displays pictures in a 480 x 800 pixel resolution which means that it also supports 720p HD resolution.

Without such powerful and feature rich screen, gaming would have no meaning on phone. This smart phone has a 1.5 GHz Scorpion SoC processor. Along with the high speed processor, there is 512 MB of RAM in the phone that enhances its response time and the gaming quality. The touch screen also has a CMOS sensor installed. Its backlight control mechanism and backside illumination system also enhances gaming experience. All these superb features mentioned above in this smart phone further empower it with superb gripping and support. This phone is not hard to carry around because it was designed so that it could be conveniently taken anywhere. It measures at 131.5 mm in height and only 70.7 mm in width. Also since it is only 9.9 mm thick you can easily slip it into any pocket or purse for easy and light travel.   

Certain additional fittings enhance further the gaming control on this device. The technical specifications favor the CPU and memory but there are other aspects of the phone that make it a favored gaming phone. There is a magnetometer, accelerometer and a 6-axis gyroscope that assists in getting the player connected to the gaming world. The screen which is multi touch has to depend on the functionalities of the device to exert out the control signals from the user to the phone. Without these features users would not be able to game because some games would be impossible to play, therefore hindering the overall gaming experience.

You can buy a fabulous HTC Titan case for your sturdy smart phone, additionally there are many HTC Titan accessories that are there which might be helpful to you to let your phone become a fantastic gaming device for you. Its SRS surround sound mechanism can be enjoyed through the internal speakers of the phone or by using headphone that can be linked to the instrument through a 3.5 mm audio jack or through 2.1 Bluetooth device. The smart phone can also be hooked to external speakers for better quality of sound.

Last but not the least, the system also has enough storage to hold in the installed games that may easily be downloaded from various sites. A flash memory of 16GB makes it smart enough for storing plenty of games. Its latest Windows OS enhances gaming experience as it supports a lot of free games available in the market today. You can easily download any of the game and enjoy it playing on your smart phone. The battery of the phone can support up to 5 hours of uninterrupted game playing.

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